7 Ways to wear your handbags like a fashionista

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    For men, handbags may be merely an indispensable accessory in modern life while women tend to think of handbags as a real microcosm which can store everything they need and also as a haunting item contributing to the creation of their fashion style. Therefore, women are always passionate about handbags and consider them as one of their best friends.
    However, a trendy handbag would not for sure bring any status for its owner. It is little known that half of the problem lies in how to wear it, which is able to exude all its well-made beauty and at the same time honor the style of its user as well. It sounds complex yet extremely easy. With some typical images of the popular ways of holding bags on runway or from fashionista on the street, you can somehow find your own handbag-holding style!
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    01. Bend it like Victoria Beckham

    Initiated by fashion icon Victoria Beckham, this holding style which allows hand through the bag strap and tight hug on the bag side as if it is the most precious sidekick on earth has become a trend. From the oversize bag to thin clutch, you can feel free to hold them like this. This is such a way to inform people that you are a fashionable girl and always in line with busy lifestyle of modern society. Moreover, it is rather funny to think of it as a safe means to protect your property from being stolen.
    02. Wrap it up

    This style seems a bit more complex: turn bag straps into multiple loops on your wrist. If you want to hold more, you can keep loosely the bag’s header. This wearing style is especially appropriate with a rounded luxurious clutch. It depicts the image of a lovely and elegant lady. One thing that should be noted is that once you adopt to hold your handbag with this style, your bracelets will become extremely unnecessary on your wrist.
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    03. Touch the tip
    It is really simple to just bend the bag strap around lightly around your finger and keep hold of its header a little bit tight. This wearing model is considered the most sophisticated and attractive currently, which can double the beauty of your gorgeous accessories. However, you can only apply this style bag with a gentle clutch or baby / medium handbags.
    04. Got your back

    If bags are often placed across in front of your outfit years ago, now you can put it behind your back or tilt a little. This type is compatible with all common types of crossover bags, especially satchel ones. It may sometimes create something shyly lovable or sometimes showing signs of unusually mischievous personality.
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